New and Noteworthy

This release represents a major increase in functionality; the new features in this release are:-

  • distributed queues and topics and clusters of message brokers
  • auto-reconnection of clients across a cluster of brokers
  • support for high performance non-durable queues
  • wildcard support on queues (as well as topics)
  • transaction log and JDBC persistence in addition to JDBM and BDB
  • JNDI support for easy integration
  • HTTP tunnelling support
  • auto-broker discovery using Zeroconf (Apple Rendezvous) for a peer based network using high performance pointcast
  • composite destinations support (allowing a publish or subscribe operation on several queues and/or topics in one atomic operation, such as writing to N queues in one operation)
  • simpler pure-Java configuration API
  • heaps of bug fixes and new test cases

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For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the release notes

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