New and Noteworthy

This new release includes the following

  • New Stomp support to make it easy to create cross language clients such as for Ruby or Perl etc. (Python, C and .Net coming soon)
  • XPath based selectors and demand based publishing, making it easy to implement WS-Notification on top of ActiveMQ
  • a pooling JMS ConnectionFactory for better support of the Spring JMSTemplate outside of a JCA container
  • improved JNDI support to allow easy dynamic creation of Queues and Topics, to handle different connection settings and to reuse standard JNDI properties
  • Increased support for the number of databases and JDBC drivers to include
    • Apache Derby
    • Oracle
    • Sybase
    • DB2
    • SQLServer
    • Postgresql
    • MySQL
    • Axion
    • HSQL
  • improved authentication at the connection and destination level
  • More flexible prefetch policy configurations for more control over queue dispatching and performance tuning
  • improved support for priority message ordering
  • cleaner servlet integration
  • better XA integration to allow outbound producers to reuse inbound JMS sessions
  • improved support for WebSphere and JBoss
  • easier journal file size and checkpoint period configuration
  • jabber transport
  • various performance enhancements and bug fixes

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For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the release notes

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