ActiveMQ Artemis Roadmap

ActiveMQ Artemis Roadmap

The goal of this page is to identify the outstanding issues that must be addressed by Artemis in order to achieve some level of feature parity with ActiveMQ 5.x. The overall objective for working toward feature parity between ActiveMQ 5.x and Artemis is for Artemis to eventually become ActiveMQ 6.x. This page exists so that we can work together as a group to achieve this goal.

Work in Progress

This page is a work in progress and will be updated frequently.

Using this page

Feature items can be listed, with links to JIRA tickets for longer conversation and hashing out specific feature details


This section should be used to identify all the ActiveMQ 5.x features that Artemis needs. This should include all Artemis features that we can identify, including those from ActiveMQ that Artemis has already implemented. This will help us to more clearly track everything that Artemis needs.

Advisory Support

  • Support for broker state change advisories (master -> slave, slave -> master)
  • Support for connection advisories (connect, disconnect, unclean disconnect, authn fail, authz fail)
  • Support for consumer advisories (new consumer, closed, slow consumer)
  • Support for producer advisories (new producer, closed, fast producer, message size exceeded, memoryLimit reached, storage limit reached)
  • Support for destination advisories (new dest, deleted)

Broker Clustering

  • Support full-duplex broker-to-broker cluster connections ARTEMIS-838

ActiveMQ 5.x Client Compatibility

  • Full support of Openwire (TODO: specifically, which versions)
  • PooledConnectionFactory

Destination Interceptors

Destination Features

  • Destination Policy: Garbage collection and advisory support for that activity ARTEMIS-1148
  • Exclusive consumer support ARTEMIS-854
  • Exclusive consumer features: consumersBeforeDispatchStarts, timeBeforeDispatchStarts ARTEMIS-856

Plugin Support

  • Destination Policies (there is a slew of functionality in ActiveMQ 5.x dest policies that should be detailed out)

Storage Backend

  • Support for multiple shared persistence stores similar to multi-kahadb (allow for storage across multiple disk volumes.. ie.  queue://ORDER.> on /mnt/order queue://BILLING.> on /mnt/billing, etc) ARTEMIS-839


This section should help to answer the end user question, ‘How do I migrate from ActiveMQ 5.x to Artemis?’. This should include the identification of any tools that can help make this easier, as well as documenting information and procedures specific to migrating.


Protocol features

  • Exclusive consumer support across all protocols STOMP, MQTT, AMQP, etc. ARTEMIS-855

KahaDB Migration Tool

  • Support exporting messages from KahaDB format to Artemis

Over-the-wire migration tool

  • Support a tool for migrating messages from ActiveMQ 5.x brokers to Artemis-based brokers (for non-standard backends)
    • Goal: preserve messageId

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