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ActiveMQ CPP Development Page

This page documents current and planned development of ActiveMQ CPP.  The table below lists development tasks and their current status

Development Activeity Status
Openwire Support in-progress

 Openwire Support

This task adds support for the OpenWire protocol to ActiveMQ CPP.  The tasks involves the addition of new code, the activities are listed below, as well as who is working on them and what the status of each is.

Task Description Assigned to Status Task Info
Openwire Command / Marshallers generation scripts Tim Bish In-Progress Loose Marshalling works, Tight still not working
WireFormat Negotiation Framework Tim Bish Completed Mimic the DotNet version?
Primitives Map Nate Mittler Complet Needs more testing for memory leaks and performance.
Primitive Map Marshalling Tim Bish Completed Needs more testing, for leaks etc.  Add nested maps, lists.
BaseDataStreamMarshallers Port Tim Bish In-Progress Done, but serious unit testing is needed
BooleanStream Port Tim Bish Completed Done
OpenWire Connector Framework Classes Tim / Nate Completed Needs lots of testing
DataInputStreams / DataOutputStreams Tim Bish Completed Done

Outstanding Issues

This section document issues that are outstanding…TDB

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