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ActiveMQ Messages support the following default message properties:

Message Attributes Accessed as Properties:

Property Name Type Default Value Description
JMSDestination javax.jms.Destination Set by the producer Destination used by the producer.
JMSReplyTo javax.jms.Destination null User defined.
JMSType String "" User defined.
JMSDeliveryMode int DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT Indicator if messages should be persisted.
JMSPriority int 4 Value from 0-9.
JMSMessageID String unique Unique identifier for the message.
JMSTimestamp long Time the message was sent Time in milliseconds.
JMSCorrelationID String null User defined.
JMSExpiration long 0 Time in milliseconds to expire the message. A value of 0 means never expire.
JMSRedelivered boolean false true if the message is being resent to the consumer, persisted via persistJMSRedelivered

JMS Defined:

Property Name|Type|Default Value|Description —|—|—|— JMSXDeliveryCount|int|0|Number of attempts to send the message. JMSXGroupID|String|null|Identity of the message group. JMSXGroupSeq|int|0|Sequence number of the message. JMSXProducerTXID|String|null|Transaction identifier.

ActiveMQ Defined:

Property Name|Type|Default Value|Description —|—|—|— JMSActiveMQBrokerInTime|long|0|Time stamp (in milliseconds) for when the message arrived at the broker. JMSActiveMQBrokerOutTime|long|0|Time stamp (in milliseconds) for when the message left the broker.

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