Status report for the Apache ActiveMQ Project


 The ActiveMQ community continues to stay vibrant with a very healthy amount of email traffic 
 flowing through it's email lists.  It has also added several new committers to it's ranks.

New Committers:

 * Jim Gomes
 * Roman Kalukiewicz
 * Willem Jiang
 * Claus Ibsen

 Development continues at a good pace.  Several releases are eminent and may get fully 
 released by the time this board report is submitted. Those releases include a bug fix 
 release for ActiveMQ 4.1.2 and ActiveMQ 5.1.0. We are also reviewing the LICENSE and 
 NOTICE files for conformance with the recent clarifications on legal-discuss about 
 what they are intended to contain.


 * Apache ActiveIO 3.0.1 
 * Apache ActiveIO 3.1.0
 * Apache Camel 1.3.0

ECN Status:

 Notices have sent to the BIS/NSA and they have been documented at the official
 location .
 The only projects using crypto software were:

  * Apache ActiveMQ
  * Apache Camel
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