The Apache ActiveMQ Project is pleased to announce the availability of Apollo 1.5. ActiveMQ Apollo is a faster, more reliable, easier to maintain messaging broker built from the foundations of the original ActiveMQ.

This release fixes several bugs especially around Openwire and WebSockets and introduces a few improvements like:

[APLO-30] - Support the Openwire Protocol [APLO-177] - Add a UDP based protocol support to Apollo [APLO-232] - Add support for enforcing a message count based quota on queues [APLO-239] - Aggregate connection-level messages (and bytes) metrics at connector and broker level [APLO-242] - Support STOMP frames over UDP [APLO-260] - Contribute the FuseSource MQTT impl to Apache and included as part of the default Apollo distribution. [APLO-261] - Support the 1.2 STOMP spec. [APLO-163] - Auto tune the per-connection buffers (receivebuffersize and sendbuffersize) [APLO-179] - Remove the list of connections from the toplevel REST URI [APLO-200] - Support configuring protocol filters [APLO-243] - Do not lower the maximum number of open files [APLO-250] - adduserheader should prevent forging [APLO-251] - Share a single queue for all consumers on topic configured with slowconsumerpolicy="queue” [APLO-259] - Support Telnet clients that send '\r\n' character to terminate a line [APLO-262] - Documented OpenWire features [APLO-263] - Remove slf4j from openwire examples

Feedback is always welcomed!