Release report 2.10.1(86a975fdad3cb2d6ed20f935b10bf85d4e2c55fc) and 2.11.0(25a947f6cba5b492d567a03df5d7a7a9dc2bdc7d)

#CommitDateAuthorShort MessageARTEMIS JIRAsAddRepDelTottestdocs/examples/
1 91f4d0a2019/09/23 11:19:54Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 0000
2 a2504282019/09/22 23:55:38Howard GaoARTEMIS-2500 CoreMessage doesn't make a ful copy of its props on moveHeadersAndProperties

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2500)
3 63b93492019/09/23 20:43:54Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2500 Fixing test after test rename

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2500)
4 d02da182019/09/27 07:41:15Howard GaoARTEMIS-2506 MQTT doesn't cleanup underlying connection for bad clients

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2506)
5 4e0b2092019/09/25 09:41:48Keith WallARTEMIS-2505: Fix wiring of the max-size-bytes-reject-threshold address-setting

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2505)
6 143e4012019/09/30 13:46:35michael.pearceARTEMIS-2509 Add some basic support for legacy openwire This is needed to aid some lift and shift migration from activemq5 where non-java clients have support for older openwire protocols.

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2509)

7 104ee102019/10/03 13:13:25Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing client-side-load-balancing example 0000
8 2f5691c2019/10/03 13:34:43Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA moving shared-storage-static-cluster under clustering examples
9 615fb642019/10/07 11:49:45brusdevARTEMIS-2512 Move the LocalMonitor tick log

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2512)

10 2992daa2019/10/07 12:09:42Justin BertramARTEMIS-2514 dupl cache leak w/clustered temp q

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2514)
11 abb7d162019/10/09 11:18:53Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Improving SessionTest reliability
12 f3b7cf82019/10/09 11:07:44brusdevNO-JIRA Fixing shared-storage-static-cluster parent 0000
13 28d1a532019/10/08 00:26:16brusdevARTEMIS-2508 Crititical analyser trigger shutdown if removeAllMessages

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2508)
14 b0497ed2019/10/10 11:55:12Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2517 JMX will be shutdown after failback

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2517)
15 149e2602019/10/11 08:59:33Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Replacing assertEquals(queue.getCount) by Wait.asserEquals on a test
16 cb355bb2019/09/23 07:50:40Wei YangARTEMIS-2515 pageIterator.hasNext spends too much time in the case of no messages matched

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2515)

17 a7403632019/10/11 13:22:55Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon)ARTEMIS-2519: Use proper enum type inside ActiveMQUnexpectedRoutingTypeForAddress

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2519)

18 6177d322019/10/09 11:57:57Howard GaoARTEMIS-2513 Large message's copy may be interfered by other threads

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2513)
19 80438282019/10/16 11:33:19Sascha DirbachARTEMIS-2521 add documentation for role-mapping

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2521)
20 98746a22019/10/21 01:04:21brusdevARTEMIS-2523 Deprecate the parameter failoverOnInitialConnection

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2523)
21 89698b92019/10/21 05:37:32Wei YangARTEMIS-2524 Remove message from map in LVQ if it's deleted/moved/expired/changed

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2524)
22 0ac60572019/10/17 04:20:58brusdevARTEMIS-2503 Improve wildcards for the authorisation key attributes

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2503)
23 d7dc8b82019/10/23 15:57:49Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2527 Stop executors on print-data

Trivial/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2527)

24 1aed3f92019/10/23 13:04:08Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon)ARTEMIS-2526 - Update ActiveMQServerImpl to call correct beforeDestroyQueue hook

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2526)
25 ad0581b2019/10/25 13:55:59Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon)ARTEMIS-2531: Fix filter in FederatedQueue to prevent infinite consumer creation in a circular or bidrectional setup

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2531)
26 c0e77e92019/10/24 11:53:28Justin BertramARTEMIS-2529 update address-settings mngmnt

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2529)
27 84067d82019/08/28 11:27:52Justin BertramARTEMIS-2504 implement retroactive addresses

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2504)
28 0ddd55b2019/10/29 11:13:03Justin BertramNO-JIRA add acceptor to handshake timeout msg 0303
29 5e7dddd2019/10/25 09:07:12Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2530 Upgrade ActiveMQ Artemis Native 1.0.1

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2530)

30 d7d11a02019/10/29 19:27:57Joshua SmithARTEMIS-2535 Add ignorePartialResultException option to LDAPLoginModule

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2535)
31 ea0047a2019/11/05 11:02:44Justin BertramARTEMIS-2504 fix divert test

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2504)
32 55a55da2019/11/05 07:45:39brusdevARTEMIS-2538 Removing all messages from a huge queue causes OOM

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2538)
33 83e25952019/10/30 11:30:27brusdevARTEMIS-2534 Deleting addresses auto created on configuration reload

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2534)
34 4a4442e2019/10/31 10:23:05Justin BertramNO-JIRA checkstyle upgrade 010010
35 f680d9f2019/11/05 16:44:52brusdevARTEMIS-2466 PageSyncTimer::timeSync isn't configurable using ASYNCIO

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2466)
36 318c26c2019/11/05 16:04:39sebthomARTEMIS-2540 Display LargeMessage column in message browser of admin UI

Minor/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2540)

37 a1266e62019/11/06 07:50:33Sebastian ThomschkeNO-JIRA Fix indention in browser.js 0000
38 c9f56082019/10/25 12:56:40Justin BertramNO-JIRA improve transformer docs
39 54daa442019/11/08 06:31:50sebthomARTEMIS-2541 Improve message browser of Admin UI

Minor/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2541)

40 200bee12019/11/08 11:21:27Justin BertramNO-JIRA make a few AMQP tests more robust
41 566579f2019/11/07 21:50:00Justin BertramNO-JIRA make OpenWire test more robust
42 f6401d82019/11/11 07:33:13michael.pearceARTEMIS-2547 fix AMQP Client reconnect fails on broker stop start Add unit test Add fix to clear clientids when server is stopped.

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2547)
43 0ab75b92019/11/18 05:36:05Andy TaylorARTEMIS-2554 - Queue control browse broken with large messages

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2554)
44 fb547072019/11/12 10:57:40Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon)ARTEMIS-2549 - Add Downstream support to Federation

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2549)
45 91cbbb82019/11/21 15:13:38Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2559 Connection failure should rollback pending XA TX

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2559)
46 9946d8e2019/11/15 12:17:45brusdevARTEMIS-2538 Removing all messages from a huge queue causes OOM

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2538)

47 506c03a2019/11/22 10:30:29Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2559 Clear Transaction out of ResourceManager in case of failure

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2559)
48 e12f3dd2019/02/08 09:20:26Bas ElzingaARTEMIS-2421 periodic journal lock evaluation

Critical/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2421)
49 0b1afd32019/11/26 09:04:20Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2421 Using ActiveMQScheduledComponent

Critical/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2421)
50 044319d2019/12/03 05:17:42Howard GaoARTEMIS-2560 Duplicate amqp messages over cluster

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2560)
51 a302c252019/12/02 10:28:20Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing tests that will fail eventually for the lack of fsync
52 3db5ffd2019/12/03 10:08:46Clebert SuconicReverting change that was performed on a merge commit at 1ba1de42485bd72eb22740e8f4f5b2c12a204b5e
53 54e3f162019/12/03 10:10:18Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2560 Re-applying fix on a test properly

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2560)
54 7bd71052019/09/20 15:39:10Keith WallARTEMIS-2494: [AMQP] Allow Modified disposition to be used signal address full to a sending peer

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2494)
55 8614ca12019/12/02 15:02:16Justin BertramARTEMIS-2564 retryMessages incorrectly removes msgs

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2564)
56 0ce14872019/12/03 15:29:34Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing wrong assumption on ClientTestBase
57 c699b5e2019/12/03 15:36:24Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing intermittent failure
58 108ee5d2019/12/03 15:36:24Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing intermittent failure
59 13a59382019/12/04 13:11:48Justin BertramARTEMIS-2566 race condition in concurrent dynamic queue lookup

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2566)
60 04db90e2019/12/05 12:39:11Justin BertramARTEMIS-2567 restore locking semantics on server.lock when reading status

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2567)

61 9ce8cad2019/11/28 02:01:53Wei YangNO-JIRA close page after recovering page counter 1001
62 3ad83912019/12/06 05:55:48Sebastian ThomschkeARTEMIS-2570 Improve performance of ConnectionsView

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2570)

63 f43b9c32019/12/09 16:32:05Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing memory leak on testsuite 143017
64 b666cb42019/12/10 06:55:58brusdevARTEMIS-2572 The retryMessages remove all paged messages

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2572)
65 51eb01e2019/12/10 13:08:28sebthomNO-JIRA Minor code improvement in QueueImpl 5683
66 44209c02019/12/11 11:52:18Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2573 Removing tcpnative dependency from distribution

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2573)

67 747c8dc2019/12/11 13:41:37Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2549 Removing duplicate definition of attribute

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2549)

68 c0640442019/12/10 16:15:21Justin BertramARTEMIS-2574 allow security manager config via XML

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2574)
69 42fe6a82019/12/16 08:35:44brusdevARTEMIS-2577 Thread leak test failure with IBM JRE

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2577)
70 fd6a98a2019/12/16 11:12:24Justin BertramARTEMIS-2574 fix example

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2574)

71 eeaeba62019/12/03 12:29:23Justin BertramARTEMIS-2557 don't export openwire-protocol JMS spec dep

Minor/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2557)

72 9c928372019/12/15 21:00:31Wei YangNO-JIRA minor changes on test
73 2a452bd2019/12/16 14:44:06Justin BertramARTEMIS-2578 clarify storage capacity messages

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2578)
74 7efebc92019/12/18 09:59:34Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA moving OpenWire test under ./integration
75 fcc39c52019/12/15 01:59:03brusdevARTEMIS-2558 Add the commented out args to dump the java heap on OOME

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2558)

76 217859b2019/12/18 04:22:28brusdevARTEMIS-2579 [DOC] How to use custom logging handlers

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2579)
77 8d8eaeb2019/12/19 10:03:57Justin BertramARTEMIS-2580 support pluggable SSL TrustManagerFactory

Minor/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2580)
78 13278cc2019/12/18 18:48:52Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2581 Duplicate Detection on AMQP should be configurable

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2581),

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-2294)
79 50814472020/01/02 10:35:31brusdevARTEMIS-2585 Remove nested quotes from artemis.profile

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2585)

80 9fac4b82019/11/11 23:07:52Dewald PretoriusARTEMIS-2550 Support Websocket Continuation Frames

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2550)
81 b88cd282019/07/16 15:20:31Dmitry VolodinFix RAT plugin warnings for built .NET examples 0000
82 fe665062019/10/21 15:00:55Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon)ARTEMIS-2565 - Add plugin support for Federated Queues/Addresses

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2565)
83 3e343db2020/01/06 21:33:04Justin BertramARTEMIS-2580 fix tests

Minor/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2580)
84 59e7db82020/01/06 15:45:44Justin BertramARTEMIS-2567 redundant lock on server.lock file

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2567)

85 81c83e02020/01/07 16:45:02Justin BertramNO-JIRA regenerate expired SSL test resources 0000
86 39cd9d52019/10/06 03:51:07Keith WallARTEMIS-2497: [AMQP] Allow handling of the reject disposition to be configured.

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2497)
87 6a290cf2020/01/08 12:18:56Justin BertramARTEMIS-2591 add details to consumer lock timeout log

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2591)

88 1ad8b3c2020/01/08 11:45:18Justin BertramARTEMIS-2590 support in LDAPLoginModule

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2590)
89 0e6a1de2020/01/01 21:09:46Wei YangARTEMIS-2584 Optimize PageTransactionInfoImpl in-memory size

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2584)

90 05133932020/01/08 12:55:47Justin BertramNO-JIRA fix tests after SSL resource regen 0000
91 0293d802020/01/08 13:36:52Justin BertramNO-JIRA support 0 in human readable byte calculation
92 534d8b42020/01/08 20:44:01Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Happy new year!
93 2733cd72020/01/09 09:42:02Justin BertramNO-JIRA update version doc for 2.11.0
94 6cc57492019/12/06 05:09:35Francesco NigroARTEMIS-2569 LinkedListImpl tests should not rely on the GC mechanism

Minor/Test/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2569)
95 9e9c0772019/10/10 10:04:05Justin BertramARTEMIS-2516 support sys props in xinclude href

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2516)
96 3e209062019/05/29 04:57:40yang weiNO-JIRA typo on logger 0101
97 e397a172020/01/09 12:15:04Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2592 Fixing DeadLock between deleteMessages and depage

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2592)
98 757d38f2020/01/10 00:08:11Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing Stomp Tests after QueueManager change
99 9c858c62020/01/10 07:58:10brusdevARTEMIS-2593 Thread leak test failure with OpenJ9 JVM

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2593)
100 25a947f2020/01/10 09:57:46Justin Bertram[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.11.0 0000


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