ActiveMQ Artemis 2.10.0 Release Notes

A complete list of JIRAs for the 2.10.0 release can be found here

A list of commits can be found here.


  • [ARTEMIS-1011] - Slow consumer detection - producer msg/s rate for queue should take into account messages which are already in queue
  • [ARTEMIS-1825] - Live-backup topology not correctly displayed on console
  • [ARTEMIS-1982] - Queue#MessageCount negative and messages stop flowing to AMQP consumer
  • [ARTEMIS-2002] - Proton transport objects leaked if client disconnects abruptly leading to OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • [ARTEMIS-2069] - Backup doesn’t activate after shared store is reconnected
  • [ARTEMIS-2128] - Replication - 2nd backup server is unable to go into passive mode
  • [ARTEMIS-2327] - JMS Connection ExceptionListener not invoked when ActiveMQConnectionTimedOutException occurs on sendPacket
  • [ARTEMIS-2350] - ClassNotFoundException while invoking ActiveMQServerControlImpl::listConsumers
  • [ARTEMIS-2366] - artemis-service start failed by java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  • [ARTEMIS-2368] - Fix races on closing consumer
  • [ARTEMIS-2371] - AMQP: message with very large header shuts broker down
  • [ARTEMIS-2374] - JournalStorageManager::addBytesToLargeMessage leaks ByteBuffer
  • [ARTEMIS-2378] - openwire redelivery counter for message increasing, if consumer is closed without consuming any message
  • [ARTEMIS-2386] - MQTT should use internal calls for QOS2
  • [ARTEMIS-2390] - JMSMessageID header can be null when messages are cross-protocol
  • [ARTEMIS-2391] - Statically created addresses may be auto-deleted
  • [ARTEMIS-2395] - Empty address.txt causes NPE
  • [ARTEMIS-2403] - Consumer command, clientID is not saved during JMS exception
  • [ARTEMIS-2405] - Resource adapter getter should return wrapped objects and not primitive
  • [ARTEMIS-2407] - Large message file not deleted if broker crashes between page deleted and pending large message written
  • [ARTEMIS-2408] - Too many opened FDs after server stops
  • [ARTEMIS-2409] - HornetQ client vs Artemis broker compatibility: issue while using JMSMessageID as selector
  • [ARTEMIS-2410] - max-saved-replicated-journals-size=0 throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [ARTEMIS-2414] - Sync before closing file in case data loss
  • [ARTEMIS-2418] - Race conditions between cursor movement and page writing
  • [ARTEMIS-2425] - Message loss due to writing incomplete page file
  • [ARTEMIS-2429] - Swapped arguments to registerQueueGauge cause wrong tags on metrics
  • [ARTEMIS-2430] - Avoid data loss when live page cache evicted
  • [ARTEMIS-2437] - AMQP message conversion fails if annotations contain values outwith simple property types
  • [ARTEMIS-2439] - ServerSessionImpl cache does not clear names of deleted temporary destinations
  • [ARTEMIS-2440] - should be executed on a separate thread
  • [ARTEMIS-2444] - Artemis hawtio plugin overriding sublevel tabs
  • [ARTEMIS-2448] - group-name ignored in replicated colocated setup
  • [ARTEMIS-2450] - page-size-bytes should not be greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE
  • [ARTEMIS-2453] - DeadLock between server.destroyQueue and server.removeAddressInfo
  • [ARTEMIS-2454] - AMQPMessage re-encode may damage the message body and application properties.
  • [ARTEMIS-2459] - Fix err in the replacement of a non-destructively consumed LVQ message

New Feature


  • [ARTEMIS-2322] - Expose Queue.getRate() data as JMX metric
  • [ARTEMIS-2336] - Use zero copy to replicate journal/page/large message file
  • [ARTEMIS-2338] - Live server does not shutdown when using vote-on-replication-failure
  • [ARTEMIS-2358] - Add user and pass to database store to allow encryption
  • [ARTEMIS-2376] - Remove guava dependency from OSGi feature
  • [ARTEMIS-2377] - Masked password does not work in LDAP security-setting-plugin
  • [ARTEMIS-2381] - ActiveMQJMSConnectionFactory - Allow to configure brokerURL via setter
  • [ARTEMIS-2382] - Reclaimer doesn’t need to be instantiatable
  • [ARTEMIS-2384] - AMQ224091 message does not provide reason why bridge connection fails
  • [ARTEMIS-2385] - Log header for rejecting message with too large header
  • [ARTEMIS-2387] - Add schedule count and routing type to the queue stat command
  • [ARTEMIS-2389] - Add more details to AMQ212037
  • [ARTEMIS-2392] - Enable remove on cancel policy for scheduled pool
  • [ARTEMIS-2394] - Improve scheduling synchronization for AMQPConnectionContext
  • [ARTEMIS-2399] - Improve Paging performance when there are a lot of subscribers
  • [ARTEMIS-2428] - Exposing shutdownTimeout and gracePeriodTimeout on acceptor as properties
  • [ARTEMIS-2433] - Support LDAP role mapping of SASL EXTERNAL credentials
  • [ARTEMIS-2434] - Don’t lock ServerConsumerImpl for long period of time
  • [ARTEMIS-2435] - Configuration on device-block-size through CLI / broker.xml
  • [ARTEMIS-2438] - Server Activations should remove themselves after shutdown
  • [ARTEMIS-2441] - Use separate file for locking broker and backup
  • [ARTEMIS-2447] - Allow mapping admin permission to manage permission in LegacyLDAPSecuritySettingsPlugin
  • [ARTEMIS-2449] - Limit size of producer details
  • [ARTEMIS-2451] - eliminate knownDestinations cache


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