ActiveMQ Artemis 2.10.1 Release Notes

A complete list of JIRAs for the 2.10.1 release can be found here

A list of commits can be found here.

Release Notes - ActiveMQ Artemis - Version 2.10.1


  • [ARTEMIS-2380] - Fix delivering message in the case of consume close
  • [ARTEMIS-2471] - JdbcNodeManager doesn’t use jdbc-user and jdbc-password tags
  • [ARTEMIS-2472] - Persistent and delivering size not right in replacement of lvq message
  • [ARTEMIS-2473] - RemoteQueueBindingImpl should check for empty filters
  • [ARTEMIS-2478] - Expired message not removed in non destructive queue
  • [ARTEMIS-2479] - ActiveMQConnectionFactory may not be able to connect with initialConnectAttempt=-1
  • [ARTEMIS-2480] - Reloading configuration can kill broker
  • [ARTEMIS-2483] - BlockSize is not used on sync calculation on CLI create
  • [ARTEMIS-2485] - Deleting SNF Queue should also delete associated remote bindings
  • [ARTEMIS-2487] - artemis-server-osgi references not-existing jctools:2.2.0
  • [ARTEMIS-2489] - Ring queue fails with concurrent producers
  • [ARTEMIS-2493] - OpenWire session close doesn’t cleanup consumer refs
  • [ARTEMIS-2496] - Use of Netty FileRegion on ReplicationCatch is breaking wildfly integration with artemis
  • [ARTEMIS-2501] - Incorrect ActiveMQRALogger configuration for invalidNumberOfMaxSession and unableToRetrieveDestinationName


  • [ARTEMIS-1811] - NIOSequentialFile should use RandomAccessFile with heap ByteBuffers
  • [ARTEMIS-2424] - Add option to override InetAddress.isReachable() with purePing()
  • [ARTEMIS-2462] - Allow store and forward queue to be deleted after scaledown
  • [ARTEMIS-2465] - [JDBC-STORE] Adding index on txId
  • [ARTEMIS-2467] - Define static cluster through ./artemis create –static
  • [ARTEMIS-2468] - console.war doesn’t need checker-compat-qual lib
  • [ARTEMIS-2474] - Backup Connector ignores the retryInterval on the connection factories
  • [ARTEMIS-2475] - Log details when initializing metrics plugin
  • [ARTEMIS-2477] - create quieter check dependencies warning
  • [ARTEMIS-2488] - Potential NPE parsing source address in AMQP

** Task * [ARTEMIS-2423] - Explain in documentation that auto-create-addresses/queues doesn’t work for core protocol

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