ActiveMQ Artemis 2.15.0 Release Notes

A complete list of JIRAs for the 2.15.0 release can be found here

A list of commits can be found here.

Release Notes - ActiveMQ Artemis - Version 2.15.0


* [ARTEMIS-2839] - Audit logging typo for resuming queue
* [ARTEMIS-2840] - Missing AddressControl audit logging
* [ARTEMIS-2843] - LVQ + non-destructive not delivering message to existing consumer
* [ARTEMIS-2846] - Cannot define hawtio.role with whitespace
* [ARTEMIS-2848] - Resource adapter fails to create durable subscriber with legacy prefix
* [ARTEMIS-2853] - page-max-concurrent-io cannot be disabled
* [ARTEMIS-2856] - Consumers can be created on closed sessions
* [ARTEMIS-2862] - Activation failure can result in zombie broker
* [ARTEMIS-2865] - LegacyLDAPSecuritySettingPlugin can change default security match
* [ARTEMIS-2867] - NetworkHealthCheck should not cache IPs, and always use DNS
* [ARTEMIS-2868] - Protect a replicated broker pair from breaking the topology in case of a split brain
* [ARTEMIS-2869] - JDBC XML config can't use custom password codec
* [ARTEMIS-2873] - Configuration Managed Queues are being auto deleted but should not.
* [ARTEMIS-2877] - Fix journal replication scalability 
* [ARTEMIS-2881] - Potential deadlock when destroying a queue and depaging concurrently

New Feature

* [ARTEMIS-2847] - socks5h support
* [ARTEMIS-2855] - Define a new broker plugin to track XA transactions
* [ARTEMIS-2857] - Expose ActivemqServer::isActivated through ActiveMQServerControl


* [ARTEMIS-2844] - Improve MQTT subscribe/unsubscribe topic performance
* [ARTEMIS-2845] - ConcurrentAppendOnlyChunkedList cannot be queried while resizing
* [ARTEMIS-2863] - Support pausing dispatch during group rebalance
* [ARTEMIS-2872] - Support FQQN syntax for security-settings
* [ARTEMIS-2880] - Support FQQN syntax for JNDI lookup
* [ARTEMIS-2882] - Better support for JMS topics + FQQN


* [ARTEMIS-2849] - Eliminate zeroing of buffers while writing the ASYNCIO journal
* [ARTEMIS-2858] - Tests with DNS Changes and outages


* [ARTEMIS-2871] - update to proton-j 0.33.6 and qpid-jms 0.54.0

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