ActiveMQ Artemis 2.9.0 Release Notes

A complete list of JIRAs for the 2.9.0 release can be found here.

A list of commits can be found here.


  • [ARTEMIS-2339] - TextMessage is not validating prefixes and other prefix and compatibility issues
  • [ARTEMIS-2342] - The reload logging configuration at runtime for Active MQ Servers may log warnings
  • [ARTEMIS-2344] - [AMQP] Broker does not send security errors for unauthorized anonymous sasl
  • [ARTEMIS-2347] - JournalStorageManager::stopReplication can deadlock while stopping
  • [ARTEMIS-2355] - Message does not redistribute in cluster when using AMQP and Multicast
  • [ARTEMIS-2360] - IndexOutOfBoundException when dealing with HornetQ Clients concurrently
  • [ARTEMIS-2361] - Core Bridge should make a copy before sending a message

New Feature


  • [ARTEMIS-2346] - make timestamp human readable in console
  • [ARTEMIS-2352] - Add the ability to reject messages without a validated user set
  • [ARTEMIS-2358] - Add user and pass to database store to allow encryption


  • [ARTEMIS-2351] - AMQP: Update to Proton-J 0.33.0 and Qpid JMS 0.42.0

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