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Packages that use BlobDownloadStrategy
org.apache.activemq.blob Helper classes for dealing with out-of-band BLOB objects 

Uses of BlobDownloadStrategy in org.apache.activemq.blob

Classes in org.apache.activemq.blob that implement BlobDownloadStrategy
 class DefaultBlobDownloadStrategy
          A default implementation of BlobDownloadStrategy which uses the URL class to download files or streams from a remote URL
 class FileSystemBlobStrategy
          BlobUploadStrategy and BlobDownloadStrategy implementation which use the local filesystem for storing the payload
 class FTPBlobDownloadStrategy
          A FTP implementation for BlobDownloadStrategy.

Methods in org.apache.activemq.blob that return BlobDownloadStrategy
protected  BlobDownloadStrategy BlobTransferPolicy.createDownloadStrategy()
          Returns the download strategy depending on the information from the uploadURL.
 BlobDownloadStrategy BlobTransferPolicy.getDownloadStrategy()
 BlobDownloadStrategy BlobDownloader.getStrategy()

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