Package org.apache.activemq.blob

Helper classes for dealing with out-of-band BLOB objects


Interface Summary
BlobDownloadStrategy Represents a strategy of downloading a file/stream from some remote
BlobUploadStrategy Represents a strategy of uploading a file/stream to some remote

Class Summary
BlobDownloader Mediator for Blob Download
BlobTransferPolicy The policy for configuring how BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects) are transferred out of band between producers, brokers and consumers.
BlobUploader A helper class to represent a required upload of a BLOB to some remote URL
DefaultBlobDownloadStrategy A default implementation of BlobDownloadStrategy which uses the URL class to download files or streams from a remote URL
DefaultBlobUploadStrategy A default implementation of BlobUploadStrategy which uses the URL class to upload files or streams to a remote URL
FileSystemBlobStrategy BlobUploadStrategy and BlobDownloadStrategy implementation which use the local filesystem for storing the payload
FTPBlobDownloadStrategy A FTP implementation for BlobDownloadStrategy.
FTPBlobUploadStrategy A FTP implementation of BlobUploadStrategy.

Package org.apache.activemq.blob Description

Helper classes for dealing with out-of-band BLOB objects

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