The core classes for the ActiveMQ Message Broker and its connectors.


Interface Summary
Broker The Message Broker which routes messages, maintains subscriptions and connections, acknowledges messages and handles transactions.
BrokerContext Provide context object for broker classes
BrokerContextAware Interface to be implemented by any object that wishes to have instance of @see BrokerContext
BrokerFactoryHandler Represents the interface used to create a broker from a URI scheme.
BrokerPlugin Represents a plugin into a Broker
BrokerServiceAware An interface used to represent a component that wants the BrokerService to be injected
Connector A connector creates and manages client connections that talk to the Broker.
Lockable A lockable broker resource.
Locker Represents a lock service to ensure that a broker is the only master

Class Summary
BrokerBroadcaster Used to add listeners for Broker actions
BrokerFactory A helper class to create a fully configured broker service using a URI.
BrokerFilter Allows you to intercept broker operation so that features such as security can be implemented as a pluggable filter.
BrokerPluginSupport A useful base class for implementing broker plugins.
BrokerService Manages the lifecycle of an ActiveMQ Broker.
CompositeDestinationBroker This broker filter handles composite destinations.
ConnectionContext Used to hold context information needed to process requests sent to a broker.
ConsumerBrokerExchange Holds internal state in the broker for a essageConsumer
DefaultBrokerFactory Simple BrokerFactorySPI which using the brokerURI to extract the configuration parameters for the broker service.
EmptyBroker Dumb implementation - used to be overriden by listeners
ErrorBroker Implementation of the broker where all it's methods throw an BrokerStoppedException.
InsertableMutableBrokerFilter Inserts itself into the BrokerStack
LockableServiceSupport Helper class for working with services that requires locking
MutableBrokerFilter Like a BrokerFilter but it allows you to switch the getNext().broker.
ProducerBrokerExchange Holds internal state in the broker for a MessageProducer
PropertiesBrokerFactory A BrokerFactoryHandler which uses a properties file to configure the broker's various policies.
SslBrokerService A BrokerService that allows access to the key and trust managers used by SSL connections.
SslContext A holder of SSL configuration.
TransactionBroker This broker filter handles the transaction related operations in the Broker interface.
TransportStatusDetector Used to provide information on the status of the Connection
UserIDBroker This broker filter will append the producer's user ID into the JMSXUserID header to allow folks to know reliably who the user was who produced a message.

Exception Summary
BrokerStoppedException This exception is thrown by the broker when you try to use it after it has been stopped.
DestinationAlreadyExistsException An exception thrown if a destination is attempted to be created when it already exists.

Package Description

The core classes for the ActiveMQ Message Broker and its connectors.

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