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org.apache.activemq.advisory Support for JMS Advisory messages as well as some helper listeners to listen to the clients, producers and consumers available. The core classes for the ActiveMQ Message Broker and its connectors. Helper classes for implementing fault tolerance JMX MBeans for the broker and its core connectors. Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker. Some utility Broker Plugins Broker Plugins for visualising the current system 
org.apache.activemq.plugin Plugable Security Adapter framework along with default implementations such as the JAAS implementation. 

Uses of Region in org.apache.activemq.advisory

Classes in org.apache.activemq.advisory that implement Region
 class AdvisoryBroker
          This broker filter handles tracking the state of the broker for purposes of publishing advisory messages to advisory consumers.

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 interface Broker
          The Message Broker which routes messages, maintains subscriptions and connections, acknowledges messages and handles transactions.

Classes in that implement Region
 class BrokerBroadcaster
          Used to add listeners for Broker actions
 class BrokerFilter
          Allows you to intercept broker operation so that features such as security can be implemented as a pluggable filter.
 class BrokerPluginSupport
          A useful base class for implementing broker plugins.
 class CompositeDestinationBroker
          This broker filter handles composite destinations.
 class EmptyBroker
          Dumb implementation - used to be overriden by listeners
 class ErrorBroker
          Implementation of the broker where all it's methods throw an BrokerStoppedException.
 class InsertableMutableBrokerFilter
          Inserts itself into the BrokerStack
 class MutableBrokerFilter
          Like a BrokerFilter but it allows you to switch the getNext().broker.
 class TransactionBroker
          This broker filter handles the transaction related operations in the Broker interface.
 class UserIDBroker
          This broker filter will append the producer's user ID into the JMSXUserID header to allow folks to know reliably who the user was who produced a message.

Methods in that return Region
 Region ProducerBrokerExchange.getRegion()
 Region ConsumerBrokerExchange.getRegion()

Methods in with parameters of type Region
 void ProducerBrokerExchange.setRegion(Region region)
 void ConsumerBrokerExchange.setRegion(Region region)

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Classes in that implement Region
 class ConnectionSplitBroker
          Monitors for client connections that may fail to another broker - but this broker isn't aware they've gone.

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Classes in that implement Region
 class MasterBroker
          The Message Broker which passes messages to a slave

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Classes in that implement Region
 class ManagedQueueRegion
 class ManagedRegionBroker
 class ManagedTempQueueRegion
 class ManagedTempTopicRegion
 class ManagedTopicRegion

Methods in that return Region
protected  Region ManagedRegionBroker.createQueueRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
protected  Region ManagedRegionBroker.createTempQueueRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
protected  Region ManagedRegionBroker.createTempTopicRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
protected  Region ManagedRegionBroker.createTopicRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)

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Classes in that implement Region
 class AbstractRegion
 class AbstractTempRegion
 class QueueRegion
 class RegionBroker
          Routes Broker operations to the correct messaging regions for processing.
 class TempQueueRegion
 class TempTopicRegion
 class TopicRegion

Methods in that return Region
protected  Region RegionBroker.createQueueRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
protected  Region RegionBroker.createTempQueueRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
protected  Region RegionBroker.createTempTopicRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
protected  Region RegionBroker.createTopicRegion(SystemUsage memoryManager, TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory, DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
 Region RegionBroker.getQueueRegion()
 Region RegionBroker.getTempQueueRegion()
 Region RegionBroker.getTempTopicRegion()
 Region RegionBroker.getTopicRegion()

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Classes in that implement Region
 class SchedulerBroker

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Classes in that implement Region
 class DestinationPathSeparatorBroker
 class LoggingBrokerPlugin
          A simple Broker intercepter which allows you to enable/disable logging.
 class MulticastTraceBrokerPlugin
          A Broker interceptor which allows you to trace all operations to a Multicast socket.
 class RedeliveryPlugin
          Replace regular DLQ handling with redelivery via a resend to the original destination after a delay A destination matching RedeliveryPolicy controls the quantity and delay for re-sends If there is no matching policy or an existing policy limit is exceeded by default regular DLQ processing resumes.
 class TimeStampingBrokerPlugin
          A Broker interceptor which updates a JMS Client's timestamp on the message with a broker timestamp.
 class TraceBrokerPathPlugin
          The TraceBrokerPathPlugin can be used in a network of Brokers.
 class UDPTraceBrokerPlugin
          A Broker interceptor which allows you to trace all operations to a UDP socket.

Uses of Region in

Classes in that implement Region
 class ConnectionDotFileInterceptor
 class DestinationDotFileInterceptor
 class DotFileInterceptorSupport
          Useful base class

Uses of Region in org.apache.activemq.plugin

Classes in org.apache.activemq.plugin that implement Region
 class DiscardingDLQBroker
 class ForcePersistencyModeBroker
          A Plugin which allows to force every incoming message to be PERSISTENT or NON-PERSISTENT.
 class StatisticsBroker
          A StatisticsBroker You can retrieve a Map Message for a Destination - or Broker containing statistics as key-value pairs The message must contain a replyTo Destination - else its ignored
 class SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker
          A plugin which allows the caching of the selector from a subscription queue.

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Classes in that implement Region
 class AuthorizationBroker
          Verifies if a authenticated user can do an operation against the broker using an authorization map.
 class JaasAuthenticationBroker
          Logs a user in using JAAS.
 class JaasCertificateAuthenticationBroker
          A JAAS Authentication Broker that uses SSL Certificates.
 class JaasDualAuthenticationBroker
          A JAAS Authentication Broker that uses different JAAS domain configurations depending if the connection is over an SSL enabled Connector or not.
 class SimpleAuthenticationBroker
          Handles authenticating a users against a simple user name/password map.

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