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Packages that use Topic JMX MBeans for the broker and its core connectors. Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker. The policies which can be associated with a particular destination or wildcard. 

Uses of Topic in

Constructors in with parameters of type Topic
TopicView(ManagedRegionBroker broker, Topic destination)

Uses of Topic in

Subclasses of Topic in
 class TempTopic
          The Topic is a destination that sends a copy of a message to every active Subscription registered.

Methods in with parameters of type Topic
protected  void TopicRegion.configureTopic(Topic topic, ActiveMQDestination destination)
protected  void DestinationFactoryImpl.configureTopic(Topic topic, ActiveMQDestination destination)

Uses of Topic in

Methods in with parameters of type Topic
 void PolicyEntry.configure(Broker broker, Topic topic)
 void TimedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.recover(ConnectionContext context, Topic topic, SubscriptionRecovery sub)
 void SubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.recover(ConnectionContext context, Topic topic, SubscriptionRecovery sub)
          Let a subscription recover message held by the policy.
 void QueryBasedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.recover(ConnectionContext context, Topic topic, SubscriptionRecovery sub)
 void NoSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.recover(ConnectionContext context, Topic topic, SubscriptionRecovery sub)
 void LastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.recover(ConnectionContext context, Topic topic, SubscriptionRecovery sub)
 void FixedSizedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.recover(ConnectionContext context, Topic topic, SubscriptionRecovery sub)
 void FixedCountSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.recover(ConnectionContext context, Topic topic, SubscriptionRecovery sub)

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