Uses of Class

Packages that use PendingNode Cursors used to page persistent messages into the broker from the store 

Uses of PendingNode in

Methods in that return PendingNode
 PendingNode PrioritizedPendingList.addMessageFirst(MessageReference message)
 PendingNode PendingList.addMessageFirst(MessageReference message)
          Adds the given message to the head of the list.
 PendingNode OrderedPendingList.addMessageFirst(MessageReference message)
 PendingNode PrioritizedPendingList.addMessageLast(MessageReference message)
 PendingNode PendingList.addMessageLast(MessageReference message)
          Adds the given message to the tail of the list.
 PendingNode OrderedPendingList.addMessageLast(MessageReference message)
 PendingNode PrioritizedPendingList.remove(MessageReference message)
 PendingNode PendingList.remove(MessageReference message)
          Removes the given MessageReference from the PendingList if it is contained within.
 PendingNode OrderedPendingList.remove(MessageReference message)

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