Class MessageGroupHashBucketFactory

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MessageGroupHashBucketFactory
extends Object
implements MessageGroupMapFactory

A factory to create instances of SimpleMessageGroupMap when implementing the Message Groups functionality.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 MessageGroupMap createMessageGroupMap()
 int getBucketCount()
 void setBucketCount(int bucketCount)
          Sets the number of hash buckets to use for the message group functionality.
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Constructor Detail


public MessageGroupHashBucketFactory()
Method Detail


public MessageGroupMap createMessageGroupMap()
Specified by:
createMessageGroupMap in interface MessageGroupMapFactory


public int getBucketCount()


public void setBucketCount(int bucketCount)
Sets the number of hash buckets to use for the message group functionality. This is only applicable to using message groups to parallelize processing of a queue while preserving order across an individual JMSXGroupID header value. This value sets the number of hash buckets that will be used (i.e. the maximum possible concurrency).

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