Uses of Interface

Packages that use MessageGroupMap Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker. Classes to implement the Message Groups feature. 

Uses of MessageGroupMap in

Methods in that return MessageGroupMap
 MessageGroupMap Queue.getMessageGroupOwners()

Methods in with parameters of type MessageGroupMap
protected  void Queue.assignGroup(Subscription subs, MessageGroupMap messageGroupOwners, MessageReference n, String groupId)
protected  void QueueSubscription.assignGroupToMe(MessageGroupMap messageGroupOwners, MessageReference n, String groupId)
          Assigns the message group to this subscription and set the flag on the message that it is the first message to be dispatched.

Uses of MessageGroupMap in

Classes in that implement MessageGroupMap
 class MessageGroupHashBucket
          Uses hash-code buckets to associate consumers with sets of message group IDs.
 class SimpleMessageGroupMap
          A simple implementation which tracks every individual GroupID value but which can become a memory leak if clients die before they complete a message group.

Methods in that return MessageGroupMap
 MessageGroupMap SimpleMessageGroupMapFactory.createMessageGroupMap()
 MessageGroupMap MessageGroupMapFactory.createMessageGroupMap()
 MessageGroupMap MessageGroupHashBucketFactory.createMessageGroupMap()

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