Uses of Interface

Packages that use DeadLetterStrategy Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker. The policies which can be associated with a particular destination or wildcard. 

Uses of DeadLetterStrategy in

Fields in declared as DeadLetterStrategy
protected  DeadLetterStrategy BaseDestination.deadLetterStrategy
static DeadLetterStrategy Destination.DEFAULT_DEAD_LETTER_STRATEGY

Methods in that return DeadLetterStrategy
 DeadLetterStrategy DestinationFilter.getDeadLetterStrategy()
 DeadLetterStrategy Destination.getDeadLetterStrategy()
 DeadLetterStrategy BaseDestination.getDeadLetterStrategy()

Methods in with parameters of type DeadLetterStrategy
 void BaseDestination.setDeadLetterStrategy(DeadLetterStrategy deadLetterStrategy)
          set the dead letter strategy

Uses of DeadLetterStrategy in

Classes in that implement DeadLetterStrategy
 class AbstractDeadLetterStrategy
          A strategy for choosing which destination is used for dead letter queue messages.
 class IndividualDeadLetterStrategy
          A DeadLetterStrategy where each destination has its own individual DLQ using the subject naming hierarchy.
 class SharedDeadLetterStrategy
          A default implementation of DeadLetterStrategy which uses a constant destination.

Methods in that return DeadLetterStrategy
 DeadLetterStrategy PolicyEntry.getDeadLetterStrategy()

Methods in with parameters of type DeadLetterStrategy
 void PolicyEntry.setDeadLetterStrategy(DeadLetterStrategy deadLetterStrategy)
          Sets the policy used to determine which dead letter queue destination should be used

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