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Classes in that implement Job
 class JobImpl

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Job
 List<Job> JobSchedulerFacade.getAllJobs()
 List<Job> JobScheduler.getAllJobs()
          Get all the outstanding Jobs
 List<Job> JobSchedulerFacade.getAllJobs(long start, long finish)
 List<Job> JobScheduler.getAllJobs(long start, long finish)
          Get all outstanding jobs due to run between start and finish
 List<Job> JobSchedulerFacade.getNextScheduleJobs()
 List<Job> JobScheduler.getNextScheduleJobs()
          Get all the jobs scheduled to run next

Methods in with parameters of type Job
protected  void SchedulerBroker.sendScheduledJob(ConnectionContext context, Job job, ActiveMQDestination replyTo)

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