Class TimeStampingBrokerPlugin

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All Implemented Interfaces:
Broker, BrokerPlugin, Region, Service

public class TimeStampingBrokerPlugin
extends BrokerPluginSupport

A Broker interceptor which updates a JMS Client's timestamp on the message with a broker timestamp. Useful when the clocks on client machines are known to not be correct and you can only trust the time set on the broker machines. Enabling this plugin will break JMS compliance since the timestamp that the producer sees on the messages after as send() will be different from the timestamp the consumer will observe when he receives the message. This plugin is not enabled in the default ActiveMQ configuration. 2 new attributes have been added which will allow the administrator some override control over the expiration time for incoming messages: Attribute 'zeroExpirationOverride' can be used to apply an expiration time to incoming messages with no expiration defined (messages that would never expire) Attribute 'ttlCeiling' can be used to apply a limit to the expiration time

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void send(ProducerBrokerExchange producerExchange, Message message)
          Send a message to the broker to using the specified destination.
 void setFutureOnly(boolean futureOnly)
 void setProcessNetworkMessages(Boolean processNetworkMessages)
 void setTtlCeiling(long ttlCeiling)
          setter method for ttlCeiling
 void setZeroExpirationOverride(long ttl)
          setter method for zeroExpirationOverride
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Constructor Detail


public TimeStampingBrokerPlugin()
Method Detail


public void setZeroExpirationOverride(long ttl)
setter method for zeroExpirationOverride


public void setTtlCeiling(long ttlCeiling)
setter method for ttlCeiling


public void setFutureOnly(boolean futureOnly)


public void setProcessNetworkMessages(Boolean processNetworkMessages)


public void send(ProducerBrokerExchange producerExchange,
                 Message message)
          throws Exception
Description copied from interface: Region
Send a message to the broker to using the specified destination. The destination specified in the message does not need to match the destination the message is sent to. This is handy in case the message is being sent to a dead letter destination.

Specified by:
send in interface Region
send in class MutableBrokerFilter
producerExchange - the environment the operation is being executed under.
Exception - TODO

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