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Packages that use ScheduledMessage
org.apache.activemq.command Command objects used via the Command Pattern to communicate among nodes 

Uses of ScheduledMessage in org.apache.activemq.command

Classes in org.apache.activemq.command that implement ScheduledMessage
 class ActiveMQBlobMessage
          An implementation of BlobMessage for out of band BLOB transfer
 class ActiveMQBytesMessage
          A BytesMessage object is used to send a message containing a stream of uninterpreted bytes.
 class ActiveMQMapMessage
          A MapMessage object is used to send a set of name-value pairs.
 class ActiveMQMessage
 class ActiveMQObjectMessage
          An ObjectMessage object is used to send a message that contains a serializable object in the Java programming language ("Java object").
 class ActiveMQStreamMessage
          A StreamMessage object is used to send a stream of primitive types in the Java programming language.
 class ActiveMQTextMessage

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