Package org.apache.activemq.jndi

JNDI support classes


Interface Summary
JNDIStorableInterface Faciliates objects to be stored in JNDI as properties

Class Summary
ActiveMQInitialContextFactory A factory of the ActiveMQ InitialContext which contains ConnectionFactory instances as well as a child context called destinations which contain all of the current active destinations, in child context depending on the QoS such as transient or durable and queue or topic.
ActiveMQWASInitialContextFactory This implementation of InitialContextFactory should be used when ActiveMQ is used as WebSphere Generic JMS Provider.
JNDIBaseStorable Facilitates objects to be stored in JNDI as properties
JNDIReferenceFactory Converts objects implementing JNDIStorable into a property fields so they can be stored and regenerated from JNDI
LazyCreateContext Allows users to dynamically create items
NameParserImpl A default implementation of NameParser
ReadOnlyContext A read-only Context

This version assumes it and all its subcontext are read-only and any attempt to modify (e.g.


Package org.apache.activemq.jndi Description

JNDI support classes

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