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Packages that use StatsCapable
org.apache.activemq The core JMS client API implementation classes. 

Uses of StatsCapable in org.apache.activemq

Classes in org.apache.activemq that implement StatsCapable
 class ActiveMQConnection
 class ActiveMQConnectionFactory
          A ConnectionFactory is an an Administered object, and is used for creating Connections.
 class ActiveMQMessageConsumer
          A client uses a MessageConsumer object to receive messages from a destination.
 class ActiveMQMessageProducer
          A client uses a MessageProducer object to send messages to a destination.
 class ActiveMQQueueReceiver
          A client uses a QueueReceiver object to receive messages that have been delivered to a queue.
 class ActiveMQQueueSender
          A client uses a QueueSender object to send messages to a queue.
 class ActiveMQSession
           A Session object is a single-threaded context for producing and consuming messages.
 class ActiveMQSslConnectionFactory
          An ActiveMQConnectionFactory that allows access to the key and trust managers used for SslConnections.
 class ActiveMQTopicPublisher
          A client uses a TopicPublisher object to publish messages on a topic.
 class ActiveMQTopicSubscriber
          A client uses a TopicSubscriber object to receive messages that have been published to a topic.
 class ActiveMQXAConnection
          The XAConnection interface extends the capability of Connection by providing an XASession (optional).
 class ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory
          A factory of XAConnection instances
 class ActiveMQXASession
          The XASession interface extends the capability of Session by adding access to a JMS provider's support for the Java Transaction API (JTA) (optional).

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