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Packages that use NetworkBridgeFilterFactory The policies which can be associated with a particular destination or wildcard. Support for federated networks of brokers. 

Uses of NetworkBridgeFilterFactory in

Methods in that return NetworkBridgeFilterFactory
 NetworkBridgeFilterFactory PolicyEntry.getNetworkBridgeFilterFactory()

Methods in with parameters of type NetworkBridgeFilterFactory
 void PolicyEntry.setNetworkBridgeFilterFactory(NetworkBridgeFilterFactory networkBridgeFilterFactory)

Uses of NetworkBridgeFilterFactory in

Classes in that implement NetworkBridgeFilterFactory
 class ConditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory
          implement conditional behavior for queue consumers, allows replaying back to origin if no consumers are present on the local broker after a configurable delay, irrespective of the networkTTL Also allows rate limiting of messages through the network, useful for static includes
 class DefaultNetworkBridgeFilterFactory
          implement default behavior, filter that will not allow re-send to origin based on brokerPath and which respects networkTTL

Fields in declared as NetworkBridgeFilterFactory
protected  NetworkBridgeFilterFactory DemandForwardingBridgeSupport.defaultFilterFactory

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