Support for federated networks of brokers.


Interface Summary
ConnectionFilter Abstraction that allows you to control which brokers a NetworkConnector connects bridges to.
NetworkBridge Represents a network bridge interface
NetworkBridgeListener called when a bridge fails

Class Summary
CompositeDemandForwardingBridge A demand forwarding bridge which works with multicast style transports where a single Transport could be communicating with multiple remote brokers
ConditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory implement conditional behavior for queue consumers, allows replaying back to origin if no consumers are present on the local broker after a configurable delay, irrespective of the networkTTL Also allows rate limiting of messages through the network, useful for static includes
ConduitBridge Consolidates subscriptions
DefaultNetworkBridgeFilterFactory implement default behavior, filter that will not allow re-send to origin based on brokerPath and which respects networkTTL
DemandForwardingBridge Forwards messages from the local broker to the remote broker based on demand.
DemandForwardingBridgeSupport A useful base class for implementing demand forwarding bridges.
DemandSubscription Represents a network bridge interface
DiscoveryNetworkConnector A network connector which uses a discovery agent to detect the remote brokers available and setup a connection to each available remote broker
DurableConduitBridge Consolidates subscriptions
ForwardingBridge Forwards all messages from the local broker to the remote broker.
LdapNetworkConnector class to create dynamic network connectors listed in an directory server using the LDAP v3 protocol as defined in RFC 2251, the entries listed in the directory server must implement the ipHost and ipService objectClasses as defined in RFC 2307.
MulticastNetworkConnector A network connector which uses some kind of multicast-like transport that communicates with potentially many remote brokers over a single logical Transport instance such as when using multicast.
NetworkBridgeConfiguration Configuration for a NetworkBridge
NetworkBridgeFactory Factory for network bridges
NetworkConnector Connector class for bridging broker networks.

Package Description

Support for federated networks of brokers.

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