Uses of Interface

Packages that use AuthorizationMap Plugable Security Adapter framework along with default implementations such as the JAAS implementation. 

Uses of AuthorizationMap in

Classes in that implement AuthorizationMap
 class CachedLDAPAuthorizationMap
          A DefaultAuthorizationMap implementation which uses LDAP to initialize and update authorization policy.
 class DefaultAuthorizationMap
          Represents a destination based configuration of policies so that individual destinations or wildcard hierarchies of destinations can be configured using different policies.
 class LDAPAuthorizationMap
          An AuthorizationMap which uses LDAP
 class SimpleAuthorizationMap
          An AuthorizationMap which is configured with individual DestinationMaps for each operation.

Methods in that return AuthorizationMap
 AuthorizationMap AuthorizationPlugin.getMap()

Methods in with parameters of type AuthorizationMap
 void AuthorizationPlugin.setMap(AuthorizationMap map)

Constructors in with parameters of type AuthorizationMap
AuthorizationBroker(Broker next, AuthorizationMap authorizationMap)
AuthorizationPlugin(AuthorizationMap map)

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