Interface Closeable

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All Known Implementing Classes:
ActiveMQConnection, ActiveMQMessageProducer, ActiveMQMessageProducerSupport, ActiveMQQueueSender, ActiveMQTopicPublisher, ActiveMQXAConnection, CamelConnection, CamelMessageProducer, CamelQueueSender, CamelTopicPublisher, PooledConnection

public interface Closeable

Provides a uniform interface that can be used to close all the JMS obejcts that provide a close() method. Useful for when you want to collect a heterogeous set of JMS object in a collection to be closed at a later time.

Method Summary
 void close()
          Closes a JMS object.

Method Detail


void close()
           throws JMSException
Closes a JMS object.

Many JMS objects are closeable such as Connections, Sessions, Consumers and Producers.

JMSException - if the JMS provider fails to close the object due to some internal error.

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