Uses of Interface

Packages that use QueueMessageReference Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker. 

Uses of QueueMessageReference in

Classes in that implement QueueMessageReference
 class IndirectMessageReference
          Keeps track of a message that is flowing through the Broker.

Fields in declared as QueueMessageReference
static QueueMessageReference QueueMessageReference.NULL_MESSAGE

Methods in that return QueueMessageReference
 QueueMessageReference Queue.getMessage(String id)

Methods in with parameters of type QueueMessageReference
protected  boolean Queue.assignMessageGroup(Subscription subscription, QueueMessageReference node)
 boolean Queue.moveMessageTo(ConnectionContext context, QueueMessageReference m, ActiveMQDestination dest)
          Move a message
protected  void Queue.removeMessage(ConnectionContext c, QueueMessageReference r)
protected  void Queue.removeMessage(ConnectionContext c, Subscription subs, QueueMessageReference r)
protected  void Queue.removeMessage(ConnectionContext context, Subscription sub, QueueMessageReference reference, MessageAck ack)

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