Uses of Interface

Packages that use PendingList Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker. Cursors used to page persistent messages into the broker from the store 

Uses of PendingList in

Fields in declared as PendingList
protected  PendingList Queue.pagedInPendingDispatch
protected  PendingList Queue.redeliveredWaitingDispatch

Uses of PendingList in

Classes in that implement PendingList
 class OrderedPendingList
 class PrioritizedPendingList

Fields in declared as PendingList
protected  PendingList AbstractStoreCursor.batchList

Methods in with parameters of type PendingList
 void PrioritizedPendingList.addAll(PendingList pendingList)
 void PendingList.addAll(PendingList pendingList)
          Adds all the elements of the given PendingList to this PendingList.
 void OrderedPendingList.addAll(PendingList pendingList)

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