Uses of Interface

Packages that use PendingMessageLimitStrategy The policies which can be associated with a particular destination or wildcard. 

Uses of PendingMessageLimitStrategy in

Classes in that implement PendingMessageLimitStrategy
 class ConstantPendingMessageLimitStrategy
          This PendingMessageLimitStrategy is configured to a constant value for all subscriptions.
 class PrefetchRatePendingMessageLimitStrategy
          This PendingMessageLimitStrategy sets the maximum pending message limit value to be a multiplier of the prefetch limit of the subscription.

Methods in that return PendingMessageLimitStrategy
 PendingMessageLimitStrategy PolicyEntry.getPendingMessageLimitStrategy()

Methods in with parameters of type PendingMessageLimitStrategy
 void PolicyEntry.setPendingMessageLimitStrategy(PendingMessageLimitStrategy pendingMessageLimitStrategy)
          Sets the strategy to calculate the maximum number of messages that are allowed to be pending on consumers (in addition to their prefetch sizes).

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