Class TraceBrokerPathPlugin

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All Implemented Interfaces:
Broker, BrokerPlugin, Region, Service

public class TraceBrokerPathPlugin
extends BrokerPluginSupport

The TraceBrokerPathPlugin can be used in a network of Brokers. Each Broker that has the plugin configured, will add it's brokerName to the content of a JMS Property. If all Brokers have this property enabled, the path the message actually took through the network can be seen in the defined property.

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Method Summary
 String getStampProperty()
 void preProcessDispatch(MessageDispatch messageDispatch)
          Notify the Broker that a dispatch is going to happen
 void setStampProperty(String stampProperty)
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Constructor Detail


public TraceBrokerPathPlugin()
Method Detail


public String getStampProperty()


public void setStampProperty(String stampProperty)


public void preProcessDispatch(MessageDispatch messageDispatch)
Description copied from interface: Broker
Notify the Broker that a dispatch is going to happen

Specified by:
preProcessDispatch in interface Broker
preProcessDispatch in class MutableBrokerFilter

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