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Packages that use BaseCommand
org.apache.activemq.command Command objects used via the Command Pattern to communicate among nodes 
org.apache.activemq.kaha fast message persistence implementation 

Uses of BaseCommand in org.apache.activemq.command

Subclasses of BaseCommand in org.apache.activemq.command
 class ActiveMQBlobMessage
          An implementation of BlobMessage for out of band BLOB transfer
 class ActiveMQBytesMessage
          A BytesMessage object is used to send a message containing a stream of uninterpreted bytes.
 class ActiveMQMapMessage
          A MapMessage object is used to send a set of name-value pairs.
 class ActiveMQMessage
 class ActiveMQObjectMessage
          An ObjectMessage object is used to send a message that contains a serializable object in the Java programming language ("Java object").
 class ActiveMQStreamMessage
          A StreamMessage object is used to send a stream of primitive types in the Java programming language.
 class ActiveMQTextMessage
 class BrokerInfo
          When a client connects to a broker, the broker send the client a BrokerInfo so that the client knows which broker node he's talking to and also any peers that the node has in his cluster.
 class ConnectionControl
          Used to start and stop transports as well as terminating clients.
 class ConnectionError
 class ConnectionInfo
 class ConsumerControl
          Used to start and stop transports as well as terminating clients.
 class ConsumerInfo
 class ControlCommand
          Used to start and stop transports as well as terminating clients.
 class DataArrayResponse
 class DataResponse
 class DestinationInfo
          Used to create and destroy destinations on the broker.
 class ExceptionResponse
 class FlushCommand
          An indication to the transport layer that a flush is required.
 class IntegerResponse
 class KeepAliveInfo
 class Message
          Represents an ActiveMQ message
 class MessageAck
 class MessageDispatch
 class MessageDispatchNotification
 class MessagePull
          Used to pull messages on demand.
 class ProducerAck
          A ProducerAck command is sent by a broker to a producer to let it know it has received and processed messages that it has produced.
 class ProducerInfo
 class RemoveInfo
          Removes a consumer, producer, session or connection.
 class RemoveSubscriptionInfo
 class ReplayCommand
          A general purpose replay command for some kind of producer where ranges of messages are asked to be replayed.
 class Response
 class SessionInfo
 class ShutdownInfo
 class TransactionInfo

Methods in org.apache.activemq.command with parameters of type BaseCommand
 void BaseCommand.copy(BaseCommand copy)

Uses of BaseCommand in org.apache.activemq.kaha

Subclasses of BaseCommand in org.apache.activemq.kaha
 class MessageAckWithLocation

Uses of BaseCommand in org.apache.activemq.state

Subclasses of BaseCommand in org.apache.activemq.state
 class Tracked

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