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Packages that use DestinationFilter Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker. 
org.apache.activemq.filter Filter implementations for wildcards & JMS selectors 

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Fields in declared as DestinationFilter
protected  DestinationFilter AbstractSubscription.destinationFilter

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Subclasses of DestinationFilter in org.apache.activemq.filter
 class CompositeDestinationFilter
          A DestinationFilter used for composite destinations
 class PrefixDestinationFilter
          Matches messages which match a prefix like "A.B.>"
 class SimpleDestinationFilter
          Matches messages sent to an exact destination
 class WildcardDestinationFilter
          Matches messages which contain wildcards like "A.B.*.*"

Methods in org.apache.activemq.filter that return DestinationFilter
static DestinationFilter DestinationFilter.parseFilter(ActiveMQDestination destination)

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