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Packages that use JNDIBaseStorable
org.apache.activemq The core JMS client API implementation classes. 
org.apache.activemq.camel Defines a JMS client which is capable of sending and receiving messages to Apache Camel endpoints to provide Enterprise Integration Patterns integration in any JMS client application. 
org.apache.activemq.command Command objects used via the Command Pattern to communicate among nodes 
org.apache.activemq.filter Filter implementations for wildcards & JMS selectors 

Uses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq

Subclasses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq
 class ActiveMQConnectionFactory
          A ConnectionFactory is an an Administered object, and is used for creating Connections.
 class ActiveMQSslConnectionFactory
          An ActiveMQConnectionFactory that allows access to the key and trust managers used for SslConnections.
 class ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory
          A factory of XAConnection instances

Uses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq.camel

Subclasses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq.camel
 class CamelConnectionFactory
          A JMS ConnectionFactory which resolves non-JMS destinations or instances of CamelDestination to use the CamelContext to perform smart routing etc

Uses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq.command

Subclasses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq.command
 class ActiveMQDestination
 class ActiveMQQueue
 class ActiveMQTempDestination
 class ActiveMQTempQueue
 class ActiveMQTempTopic
 class ActiveMQTopic

Uses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq.filter

Subclasses of JNDIBaseStorable in org.apache.activemq.filter
 class AnyDestination

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