Uses of Interface

Packages that use DataManager
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl Kaha implementation classes 
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.async journal based data storage - scalable and fast 
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container Map and List container implementations for Kaha   
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.index Kaha index - type classes for the Map Container - including VM implementation 

Uses of DataManager in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl

Methods in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl that return DataManager
 DataManager KahaStore.getDataManager(String name)

Methods in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl with parameters of type DataManager
 IndexManager KahaStore.getIndexManager(DataManager dm, String name)

Uses of DataManager in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.async

Classes in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.async that implement DataManager
 class DataManagerFacade
          Provides a Kaha DataManager Facade to the DataManager.

Uses of DataManager in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container

Fields in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container declared as DataManager
protected  DataManager BaseContainerImpl.dataManager

Methods in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container that return DataManager
 DataManager BaseContainerImpl.getDataManager()

Constructors in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container with parameters of type DataManager
BaseContainerImpl(ContainerId id, IndexItem root, IndexManager indexManager, DataManager dataManager, boolean persistentIndex)
ListContainerImpl(ContainerId id, IndexItem root, IndexManager indexManager, DataManager dataManager, boolean persistentIndex)
MapContainerImpl(File directory, ContainerId id, IndexItem root, IndexManager indexManager, DataManager dataManager, boolean persistentIndex)

Uses of DataManager in

Classes in that implement DataManager
 class DataManagerImpl
          Manages DataFiles

Uses of DataManager in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.index

Constructors in org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.index with parameters of type DataManager
IndexManager(File directory, String name, String mode, DataManager redoLog, AtomicLong storeSize)

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