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org.apache.activemq The core JMS client API implementation classes. An implementation of the J2EE Management API 

Uses of JMSSessionStatsImpl in org.apache.activemq

Methods in org.apache.activemq that return JMSSessionStatsImpl
 JMSSessionStatsImpl ActiveMQSession.getSessionStats()
          Returns the session's statistics.

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Methods in that return JMSSessionStatsImpl
 JMSSessionStatsImpl[] JMSConnectionStatsImpl.getSessions()

Constructors in with parameters of type JMSSessionStatsImpl
JMSConsumerStatsImpl(JMSSessionStatsImpl sessionStats, Destination destination)
JMSEndpointStatsImpl(JMSSessionStatsImpl sessionStats)
          This constructor is used to create statistics for a MessageProducer or MessageConsumer as it passes in a Session parent statistic.
JMSProducerStatsImpl(JMSSessionStatsImpl sessionStats, Destination destination)

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