An implementation of the J2EE Management API


Interface Summary
Resettable Represents some statistic that is capable of being reset
StatsCapable Represents an object which is capable of providing some stats

Class Summary
BoundaryStatisticImpl A boundary statistic implementation
BoundedRangeStatisticImpl A bounded range statistic implementation
CountStatisticImpl A count statistic implementation
JCAConnectionPoolStatsImpl Statistics for a JCA connection pool
JCAConnectionStatsImpl Statistics for a JCA connection
JCAStatsImpl Statistics for a number of JCA connections and connection pools
JMSConnectionStatsImpl Statistics for a JMS connection
JMSConsumerStatsImpl Statistics for a JMS consumer
JMSEndpointStatsImpl Statistics for a JMS endpoint, typically a MessageProducer or MessageConsumer but this class can also be used to represent statistics on a Destination as well.
JMSProducerStatsImpl Statistics for a JMS producer
JMSSessionStatsImpl Statistics for a JMS session
JMSStatsImpl Statistics for a number of JMS connections
PollCountStatisticImpl A count statistic implementation
RangeStatisticImpl A range statistic implementation
StatisticImpl Base class for a Statistic implementation
StatsImpl Base class for a Stats implementation
TimeStatisticImpl A time statistic implementation

Package Description

An implementation of the J2EE Management API

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