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Packages that use MessageList The policies which can be associated with a particular destination or wildcard. 

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Methods in that return MessageList
protected  MessageList FixedSizedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.createMessageList()
 MessageList FixedSizedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.getBuffer()

Methods in with parameters of type MessageList
 void FixedSizedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.setBuffer(MessageList buffer)

Uses of MessageList in org.apache.activemq.memory.list

Classes in org.apache.activemq.memory.list that implement MessageList
 class DestinationBasedMessageList
          An implementation of MessageList which maintains a separate message list for each destination to reduce contention on the list and to speed up recovery times by only recovering the interested topics.
 class SimpleMessageList
          A simple fixed size MessageList where there is a single, fixed size list that all messages are added to for simplicity.

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