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Packages that use DestinationBridge Support for a federated network using a foreign JMS provider. 

Uses of DestinationBridge in

Subclasses of DestinationBridge in
 class InboundQueueBridge
          Create an Inbound Queue Bridge.
 class InboundTopicBridge
          Create an Inbound Topic Bridge.
 class OutboundQueueBridge
          Create an Outbound Queue Bridge.
 class OutboundTopicBridge
          Create an Outbound Topic Bridge.

Fields in with type parameters of type DestinationBridge
protected  LRUCache<Destination,DestinationBridge> JmsConnector.replyToBridges

Methods in with parameters of type DestinationBridge
protected  void JmsConnector.addInboundBridge(DestinationBridge bridge)
protected  void JmsConnector.addOutboundBridge(DestinationBridge bridge)
protected  void JmsConnector.removeInboundBridge(DestinationBridge bridge)
protected  void JmsConnector.removeOutboundBridge(DestinationBridge bridge)

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