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Packages that use ConnectionPool
org.apache.activemq.pool A JMS provider which pools Connection, Session and MessageProducer instances so it can be used with tools like Spring's JmsTemplate

Uses of ConnectionPool in org.apache.activemq.pool

Subclasses of ConnectionPool in org.apache.activemq.pool
 class JcaConnectionPool
 class XaConnectionPool
          An XA-aware connection pool.

Methods in org.apache.activemq.pool that return ConnectionPool
protected  ConnectionPool XaPooledConnectionFactory.createConnectionPool(ActiveMQConnection connection)
protected  ConnectionPool PooledConnectionFactory.createConnectionPool(ActiveMQConnection connection)
          Delegate that creates each instance of an ConnectionPool object.
protected  ConnectionPool JcaPooledConnectionFactory.createConnectionPool(ActiveMQConnection connection)

Constructors in org.apache.activemq.pool with parameters of type ConnectionPool
PooledConnection(ConnectionPool pool)
          Creates a new PooledConnection instance that uses the given ConnectionPool to create and manage its resources.

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