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Packages that use PooledSession
org.apache.activemq.pool A JMS provider which pools Connection, Session and MessageProducer instances so it can be used with tools like Spring's JmsTemplate

Uses of PooledSession in org.apache.activemq.pool

Methods in org.apache.activemq.pool with parameters of type PooledSession
protected  XAResource XaConnectionPool.createXaResource(PooledSession session)
protected  XAResource JcaConnectionPool.createXaResource(PooledSession session)
 void PooledConnection.onSessionClosed(PooledSession session)

Constructors in org.apache.activemq.pool with parameters of type PooledSession
PooledMessageConsumer(PooledSession session, MessageConsumer delegate)
          Wraps the message consumer.

Constructor parameters in org.apache.activemq.pool with type arguments of type PooledSession
PooledSession(SessionKey key, ActiveMQSession session, KeyedObjectPool<SessionKey,PooledSession> sessionPool)

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