Class SimpleAuthenticationBroker

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Broker, Region, Service

public class SimpleAuthenticationBroker
extends BrokerFilter

Handles authenticating a users against a simple user name/password map.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
SimpleAuthenticationBroker(Broker next, Map<String,String> userPasswords, Map<String,Set<Principal>> userGroups)
Method Summary
 void addConnection(ConnectionContext context, ConnectionInfo info)
          A client is establishing a connection with the broker.
 void refresh()
          Previously logged in users may no longer have the same access anymore.
 void removeConnection(ConnectionContext context, ConnectionInfo info, Throwable error)
          A client is disconnecting from the broker.
 void setAnonymousAccessAllowed(boolean anonymousAccessAllowed)
 void setAnonymousGroup(String anonymousGroup)
 void setAnonymousUser(String anonymousUser)
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleAuthenticationBroker(Broker next,
                                  Map<String,String> userPasswords,
                                  Map<String,Set<Principal>> userGroups)
Method Detail


public void setAnonymousAccessAllowed(boolean anonymousAccessAllowed)


public void setAnonymousUser(String anonymousUser)


public void setAnonymousGroup(String anonymousGroup)


public void addConnection(ConnectionContext context,
                          ConnectionInfo info)
                   throws Exception
Description copied from interface: Broker
A client is establishing a connection with the broker.

Specified by:
addConnection in interface Broker
addConnection in class BrokerFilter
Exception - TODO


public void removeConnection(ConnectionContext context,
                             ConnectionInfo info,
                             Throwable error)
                      throws Exception
Description copied from interface: Broker
A client is disconnecting from the broker.

Specified by:
removeConnection in interface Broker
removeConnection in class BrokerFilter
context - the environment the operation is being executed under.
error - null if the client requested the disconnect or the error that caused the client to disconnect.
Exception - TODO


public void refresh()
Previously logged in users may no longer have the same access anymore. Refresh all the logged into users.

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