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Packages that use AuthorizationEntry Plugable Security Adapter framework along with default implementations such as the JAAS implementation. 

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 class TempDestinationAuthorizationEntry
          Represents an entry in a DefaultAuthorizationMap for assigning different operations (read, write, admin) of user roles to a temporary destination

Fields in with type parameters of type AuthorizationEntry
protected  HashMap<ActiveMQDestination,AuthorizationEntry> SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.entries

Methods in that return AuthorizationEntry
 AuthorizationEntry DefaultAuthorizationMap.getDefaultEntry()
protected  AuthorizationEntry SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.getEntry(LdapName dn, SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.DestinationType destinationType)
          Retrieves or creates the AuthorizationEntry that corresponds to the DN in dn.
 AuthorizationEntry DefaultAuthorizationMap.getEntryFor(ActiveMQDestination destination)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type AuthorizationEntry
protected  Set<AuthorizationEntry> SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.getAllEntries(ActiveMQDestination destination)
          Provides synchronous refresh capabilities if so configured before delegating to the super implementation, and otherwise simply delegates to the super implementation.
protected  Set<AuthorizationEntry> DefaultAuthorizationMap.getAllEntries(ActiveMQDestination destination)

Methods in with parameters of type AuthorizationEntry
protected  void SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.applyACL(AuthorizationEntry entry, SearchResult result, SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.PermissionType permissionType)
          Applies the policy from the directory to the given entry within the context of the provided permission type.
protected  void SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.applyAcl(AuthorizationEntry entry, SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap.PermissionType permissionType, Set<Object> acls)
          Applies policy to the entry given the actual principals that will be applied to the policy entry.
 void DefaultAuthorizationMap.setDefaultEntry(AuthorizationEntry defaultEntry)

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