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Packages that use ReferenceStore The APIs which need to be implemented for persistent message stores for durable messaging The default Store implementation for ActiveMQ kaha implementation of message persistence for the broker 

Uses of ReferenceStore in

Subinterfaces of ReferenceStore in
 interface TopicReferenceStore
          A MessageStore for durable topic subscriptions

Methods in that return ReferenceStore
 ReferenceStore ReferenceStoreAdapter.createQueueReferenceStore(ActiveMQQueue destination)
          Factory method to create a new queue message store with the given destination name

Uses of ReferenceStore in

Fields in declared as ReferenceStore
protected  ReferenceStore AMQMessageStore.referenceStore

Methods in that return ReferenceStore
 ReferenceStore AMQMessageStore.getReferenceStore()

Constructors in with parameters of type ReferenceStore
AMQMessageStore(AMQPersistenceAdapter adapter, ReferenceStore referenceStore, ActiveMQDestination destination)

Uses of ReferenceStore in

Classes in that implement ReferenceStore
 class KahaReferenceStore
 class KahaTopicReferenceStore

Methods in that return ReferenceStore
 ReferenceStore KahaReferenceStoreAdapter.createQueueReferenceStore(ActiveMQQueue destination)

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