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Packages that use JournalMessageStore Message persistence using a high performance transaction log via the Journal interface. 

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 class JournalTopicMessageStore
          A MessageStore that uses a Journal to store it's messages.

Fields in declared as JournalMessageStore

Methods in with parameters of type JournalMessageStore
 void JournalTransactionStore.Tx.add(JournalMessageStore store, Message msg)
 void JournalTransactionStore.Tx.add(JournalMessageStore store, MessageAck ack)
 void JournalTransactionStore.removeMessage(JournalMessageStore store, MessageAck ack, org.apache.activeio.journal.RecordLocation location)

Constructors in with parameters of type JournalMessageStore
JournalTransactionStore.TxOperation(byte operationType, JournalMessageStore store, Object data)

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