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Methods in that return JournalCommand
 JournalCommand<?> MultiKahaDBTransactionStore.load(Location location)
 JournalCommand<?> MessageDatabase.load(Location location)
          Loads a previously stored JournalMessage

Methods in with parameters of type JournalCommand
 void MultiKahaDBTransactionStore.process(JournalCommand<?> command)
 Location<?> data)
 Location<?> data, boolean sync, Runnable before, Runnable after)
 Location<?> data, boolean sync, Runnable before, Runnable after, Runnable onJournalStoreComplete)
          All updated are are funneled through this method.
 Location<?> data, Runnable onJournalStoreComplete)
 ByteSequence MessageDatabase.toByteSequence(JournalCommand<?> data)

Uses of JournalCommand in

Classes in that implement JournalCommand
 class KahaAddMessageCommand
 class KahaCommitCommand
 class KahaPrepareCommand
 class KahaProducerAuditCommand
 class KahaRemoveDestinationCommand
 class KahaRemoveMessageCommand
 class KahaRollbackCommand
 class KahaSubscriptionCommand
 class KahaTraceCommand

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