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Methods in that return ListNode
 ListNode<Key,Value> ListIndex.createNode(Transaction tx)
protected  ListNode<Key,Value> ListIndex.getHead(Transaction tx)
protected  ListNode<Key,Value> ListIndex.getTail(Transaction tx)
 ListNode<Key,Value> ListNode.NodeMarshaller.readPayload(DataInput is)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type ListNode
 Page<ListNode<Key,Value>> ListNode.getPage()
 Iterator<ListNode<Key,Value>> ListIndex.listNodeIterator(Transaction tx)

Methods in with parameters of type ListNode
 void ListIndex.storeNode(Transaction tx, ListNode<Key,Value> node, boolean overflow)
 void ListNode.NodeMarshaller.writePayload(ListNode<Key,Value> node, DataOutput os)

Method parameters in with type arguments of type ListNode
 void ListNode.setPage(Page<ListNode<Key,Value>> page)

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